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Hades Capital provides you with the best pre- and private sale deals. No more gas wars, great bonusses and a community who has some amazing insights in the world of ICO's.


Our community and our admins are always open for discussion and questions about ICO's and other crypto-economics related topics. Not only is Hades Capital providing the best deals around, we are also providing a very professional and fun community.

Pre- and private sales

Hades Capital only serves the best ICO deals around. We want our community to be succesful, which means we only provide you with ICO's that we believe have a good chance to succeed.

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How it Works

01. Join the group

By joining our telegram group you get access to all our files, including spreadsheets with past and upcoming ICO's.

02. Information

Read up the pinned message. All the information you need is in there. If there are still questions, feel free to ask them in the chat or message one of our admins.

03. Participate

Join one of our pools. Every deal made will be announced through our announcement channel. Make sure to be in there to join the best deals around!

Some of our past Investments

If you have any questions, business inquiries or other proposals you can contact us directly through our mail or by filling in the form. We'll get back to you as soon as possible.